Hagia Sophia is located in Istanbul Turkey. It is on the European side of the city in Sultanahmet area (old town), nearby Topkapi palace in Istanbul. It is within walking distance from the hotels in Sultanahmet. The distance from Istanbul International Airport is 20km.

Hagia Sophia is open to visit every day, except Mondays.

Between 15th April and 1st October it is open from 9am to 7pm with the last entry being at 6pm.

Between 1st October and 15th April it is open from 9am to 5pm with the last entry being at 4pm.

Hagia Sophia is closed on the first days of Ramadan and Eid Ul Adha, which is known as feast of sacrifice, Festivals for half day.

You may reach Hagia Sophia using Metro or Light Tram lines. Closest tram station is “Sultanahmet station”. When you get off at this station, Hagia Sophia will be only in walking distance. If you go by yourself, try to buy the tickets online so you don’t have to wait on the line many hours. You can ask your hotel to book online tickets for you. If you don’t, you can go and save your place early in the morning before they open. If you come with cruise you can exit left from the port along the street with the tram lines. It is well worth purchasing a museum pass if you will be visiting more than 4 museums/palaces after Hagia Sophia.