Hagia Sophia Istanbul
Hagia Sophia Facts
Hagia Sophia Facts

 Sophia means Wisdom in Greek Language. When we translate the full name of Hagia Sophia to English it is Shrine of The Holy of God. 

• Hagia Sophia was dedicated to Logos who was the second person in the Holy Trinity, in December 25th. 

• There were two more Churches accepted as Church of Holy Wisdom, but only Hagia Sophia was not destroyed.

• The Alter, the bells, sacrificial vessels and iconostasis were all removed when the church was converted into a mosque. 

• When Hagia Sophia was a church 50 foot silver iconostasis was decorating inside, now it is on display in the museum. 

• Only Patheon in Rome has slightly bigger dome than the dome of Hagia Sophia in the world. 

• Hagia Sophia was converted in to a museum in 1935 by the first President of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. 

• Eastern Orthodox Church focused on Hagia Sophia for 1000 years as an important place. 

• The Blue Mosque and Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul were designed with an inspiration of Hagia Sophia.

• Hagia Sophia as a museum has both Christian and Islamic influences and features today.

• Hagia Sophia has 40 windows in the area where worshipers sit and it’s known as famous reflecting mystical light. 

• When the dome of Hagia Sophia was placed, walls began to lean outward because of the weight. Then walls to support to dome were built.

• A mathematician, a Scientist and a physicist designed the Hagia Sophia. 

• Many Christian mosaics and frescoes were plastered over when Hagia Sophia converted in to a mosque by Sultan Mehmed II.

• Hagia Sophia is visible from far miles distances because of its grandness.

• The stone cannonballs, which were used by Mehmet the Conqueror, are on display near the entrance of Hagia Sophia. 

• Hagia Sophia is one of the most important buildings in Istanbul and needs some restorations and repairs.

• Hagia Sophia was constructed over fault line and earthquake can tear the structure down. It must be strengthened with some works. 

• Some repairs in Hagia Sophia are going on today but definitely needs more financing.